New Member of Data Center: MTP/MPO with High density and Low Cost

With the development of technology, cloud computing and big data are also developed rapidly with it. And the most important feature of data center proving cloud computing service is with super large scale. The cloud computing data center of some large enterprises, such as Google, Facebook and Tencent, is usually with over hundreds of thousands or even millions servers. And now, Large capacity, high data-transmission rate and energy saving are the challenges for data center. Meanwhile, the data traffic of smartphones, tablet computer and electric service is also rising constantly so that larger network capacity are needed. In addition,with the constant upgrading of network system, the connector is also developed and the construction cost of data center is increased with it. Therefore, when faced with various kinds of connectors, how should enterprises choose?

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0.5m 12 fibers MTP-12 SC/LC/FC Single mode Hydra Cable Standard loss